Offshore Horses

A collection of equine art, items , clothing and anything horsey especially for horse lovers

For the Love of Horses.

Thank you for visiting our online store - as a horse lover, one can not resist having beautiful items for you and your home that complement your equine passion.  

Offshore Horses is your link to equine art and gifts, straight from where they are created and shipped direct to you. 

Offshore Horses

This is a very personal on line shop, with each product chosen because we like it or have found it useful,  not just because its a "hot seller".  We are a work in progress, and will continuously add products as they are sourced from all over the world, so please come back regularly to find out what is new. 
We are South African based, and decided to keep the prices in US$ so that our clients can confidently and safely pay using PAYPAL .
Should you prefer to pay via EFT from and into a South African bank, please drop me an email and we will happily make a plan